Music Is About sharing AND Listening

Your ideas. Your dreams. Your music.

I want to listen. I understand that it's not easy to walk into a studio and meet the engineer for the first time. You want to express all of your ideas, your emotions, and your music the way you imagine them and hear them in your head.

That's why it's my job to pay attention to detail, be patient, efficient, and creative. My job is to make your experience and your product everything that you've imagined it to be. 

What do I know?

Experience is important. I've built a strong and adaptive skill set through mixing/engineering/producing for nearly 10 years in the Greater Denver AreaI've got a personal studio space, which I use to work as a freelance mixer, engineer, and producer, as well as working weekly as work commercially for Side 3 Studios and Coupe Studios. I’ve done live sound a bit as well, with bands such as Wildermiss and Kiltro in the local scene, opened a show at the 1st Bank Center for 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays, and opened a show with Wildermiss in Vail, CO for Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. I’ve done sound for Colorado Hall of Fame mixing on national television, and I recorded the current voice overs for the trains at DIA, ya know, “the doors are closing!” Haha.

I enjoy working with people through all stages of the music making process. I work on everything from full length albums, EP's, and singles, to working with those who are just stopping through the Denver/Boulder area to track a demo on tour, as well as people entering the studio for the first time. 


A passion for music is my everyday drive, and mixing/engineering/producing is how I do my part. With a foundation in jazz as a pianist and a total music theory nerd, I love all the "technical stuff" when it comes to music, but more importantly, I love helping people find new ways to express themselves through music. I want those whom I work with to live out their musical dreams.

It takes risks to be a musician and an artist. It takes creativity and being true to yourself and your ideas. Most importantly, it takes devotion to your art. So why dedicate myself to record making? Because, I want to make music that you and I and everyone else listens to over and over again, until our ears go numb. I want to share your music with the world!  

Get in touch with me for your next project and lets make some music!

- Kyle P. Smith